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Elementor Pro Review

A page builder is the top alternative one might have for a WordPress website.

 Elementor pro plugin is one of those page builders that will ensure your site gets a custom and unique look. 

 In this review, we will pass you through essential reasons as to why you should consider Elementor pro as the only alternative for your WordPress website.

All about Elementor pro.

Elementor pro was created by Pojo themes team and recently released it in the market. 

The Elementor pro can add and also drop the page builders on to your website, with no effect on the theme whatsoever. 

Apart from the Elementor pro plugin, the pojo themes team has also been responsible for twelve other WordPress plugins.

With a recent update on the Elementor pro plugin, you are now able to make your customizations on the footer, header and also other areas within the website courtesy of the Theme Builder feature.

However, Elementor has been on the market for quite some time, since June 2016 being a free version, and this gave the team time to come up with some great and fascinating features which led to the creation of the Elementor pro plugin.

Features of Elementor pro.

By looking at the compelling features of Elementor Pro, you will be in an excellent position to make your decision on whether this plugin will give your website that custom look you seek.

The user interface of elementor pro

The user interface is what defines a page builder. 

The user interface should be in all ways friendly to the user, and if otherwise, the user will not get the intended results. 

Luckily enough, Elementor pro has well-structured features and thus simple for any user; it’s also a modern interface and thus making it all easy.

On the WordPress post, you click on ‘Edit with Elementor’ and the user interface will be displayed. 

The page builder will be load, and as soon as it is opened, you can start customizing by either dragging templates or adding your content on to the site. 

The models are simple to use and come with various, styles thus giving you the custom design of your taste.

You can also design your pages with Elementor pro. The pages have multiple sections with each section containing its own column layout. 

Once is then capable of filling with custom content, and also with the Elementor pro elements.

 Furthermore, one can also add widgets on to the pages created such as pages, text, recent posts together with all other widgets which can only be added on the footers and the sidebars.

Another great feature of Elementor pro is the add and drop property. 

This is a feature that enables you to add elements and drag them throughout the page to find out the best place that suits them. 

When one clicks an element to be placed on a particular page, corresponding elements will be displayed on the sidebar. 

This feature makes it all easy to start using this page builder since it familiarizes the user with the whole interface.

You can also change the sizes of the elements on your particular page.

 To do this, will need to select the specific element and drag it to make the necessary adjustments in that particular element. 

The appearance of the page on the Elementor pro page builder closely resembles how it would look when it is finally published. 

This cuts all the guesswork involved with other old and less modern page editors.

However, there might be one area that Elementor pro isn’t entirely satisfying which is the inline text editing. 

As compared to other page builders which allow one to enter text on the text area without any limitations, Elementor pro seems to lag slightly. 

The difference is that Elementor pro only enables you to enter your text on the sidebar rather than directly on to the page itself.

 However, this isn’t any different because as you put in your writing, it’s automatically updated into the page design and this gives you a chance to review the content you have written. 

Elementor Pro’s texting only entails a few clicks, and this is what differentiates it from the rest of other page builders. 

With simplicity in Elementor Pro’s user design, you can make any customizations on your website whatsoever. 

This entails changing the heights, widths, sizes, settings and many others to fit your particular preference.

With all these compelling features, Elementor Pro is the type of page builder you should associate your WordPress website with. 

You will be able to make the necessary customization to fit your particular preference.

Templates available on Elementor Pro.

Elementor pro offers a range of top-quality templates which fit any preference. 

These preferences can be dragged on to the pages, and they can be customized to meet the type of style you would want.

 Elementor pro provides over twenty templates, and they are based on the kind of niche you prefer. 

The different categories involve the menu templates for hotels and restaurants, product and service layout, the contact page designs and lastly homepage and landing page designs. 

Elementor pro will provide you with top quality designs, all which have been designed with up-to-date features to ensure your search for great design is met.

When you have already selected a particular element for your design, you can further customize it by either adding or removing sections of the elements.

 You can also drag more than one element on one page and use them to design a page to ensure the best design. 

The pages you’ve already created will also be available on the template library just in case you might need the design on another website. 

Nevertheless, if any template matches your taste but not related to your project, you can customize it to your preference.

Elements on Elementor pro

This is another feature that makes this page builder outstanding. 

You can insert these elements on to your page, and you can customize it to your preference. 

Some of the elements provided include icon boxes, image carousels, google maps and so much more. 

Widgets that come with WordPress together with those added via third parties can all be inserted as page designs when using Elementor pro.

Furthermore, Elementor pro allows you to save your widgets as global widgets. 

This means that the widgets you customized can be traced whenever you are on the site, and also the edits you make will be updated instantly on to the widget itself. 

With this property, you can easily save on the time that would have been used otherwise. 

There are more elements to be added on to Elementor pro, and you can use the third party widget customization, and you can be very efficient on your project.

Elementor Theme Builder property

This is a feature updated recently that gives you full control over your page customizations. 

Furthermore, you can now create custom headers and footers. 

You can select your best header preference and use the design in various places such as the homepage or also at the blog post. 

Apart from customizing the content on the header, you can also set the header to be sticky so as the visitors can be able to view as they scroll. 

Elementor pro also has a new mobile feature that allows one to set how visitors see the content depending on the type of device they are using.

With Elementor theme builder, you can now create your website layouts and use the design at different pages at the site such as the homepage. 

Furthermore, you will not require any coding whatsoever; you just find it ready on Elementor pro.

Compatibility with WordPress themes.

Elementor works best with all well-coded WordPress themes. 

Tests have been carried out on various themes, and no problem has risen in any case.

 In addition to that, Elementor pro now enables you to customize with full-screen templates which is ideal when you want to create your homepage in full width.

There’s now the barebones WordPress Theme built solely for use with Elementor theme builder feature, which gives the most comfortable time when making your designs from scratch.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor pro is available in three pricing packages.

  • Personal access- $49 for one site
  • Business access- $99 for three sites
  • Unlimited access- $199 for unlimited sites

You only need to choose the plan that fits your preference and needs. However, after one year, you may need to renew your license which is fifty percent of the total value to enjoy updates and support.

As compared to other page builders, Elementor pro is priced fairly for it is a powerful tool for your WordPress website. 

Some other page builders cost more, and others cost less, but Elementor pro is the best option.

Elementor pro discount code 2019

Mostly, Elementor does not provide discounts for its users. 

The only times you can easily get the Elementor discount are during events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday. 

But, As I show you before, cheapest way install elementor pro in your site and premium theme pluas astra agency bundle .

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